As surely as in wine there is truth, I'll tell you everything, with no secrets.

William Shakespeare

I Vini del Cavaliere

A company that describes the territory through an outstanding product: our wine.
This is the wine house “I Vini del Cavaliere”, lead with passion by the family Cuomo for three generations.
The structure is located in Capaccio-Paestum, in Feudo La Pila street and covers an area of 5.000 sqm.
A space in which the passion, that has always liven up the work of real specialists, can be felt strongly and deeply.
The property also has two private rooms for the guests ' reception.

Our passion

A passion witnessed by the activities practised inside our structure.
The company deals with wine to 360 degrees: from the plantation of grapes to their processing, from the ripening to the refinement, from bottling to sale. These activities are made by different and complementary professional figures who work on production, ripening of grapes, tasting, events, sale, reception and cellar.

Bronze is the mirror of the face, the wine that of the mind.


The production

The heart of the whole activity is represented by the production of wine. I Vini del Cavaliere produces currently 7 different types of wine, a sweet sparkling wine, a liqueur obtained from Aglianico and a distillate of Aglianico’s pomaces.
The vineyards are in two different locations: in the Moio area in Agropoli and in Feudo La Pila street in Capaccio-Paestum, next to the cellar.

Wine prepares the hearts and makes them more ready for passion.



The family Cuomo considers the wine as culture, tradition, roots and knowledge. The best way to spread this knowledge is through a specific point of sale and appropriate spaces for tastings.
All this can be found in the tasting room, which can host up to 36 persons, and in the outdoor area designated as “tasting en dehors” and as parties area, which is equipped with sofas and tables.
The wonderful panorama of the Paestum area, the spaces in our structure and our staff allow to design events on request and to personalize them completely.
To complete guests' welcome, near the cellar two modern and elegant rooms were introduceded, in the green overlooking vineyard thought to relax with a good glass of wine.

Nonno Domenico
Il Vino

I Vini del Cavaliere

Casa Vinicola Cuomo di Giovanni Cuomo

Via Feudo La Pila, 16
84047 Capaccio Paestum (SA)
Phone: +39 0828 725376