Our cellar

Each winery has his gravitation centre of the entire activity in his cellar. The cellar of “I Vini del Cavaliere” is located in the wonderful landscape of Paestum and covers an area of 300 sqm.
Inside, future and past are perfectly combined to create 7 different types of wine, a sparkling wine, a liqueur and a distillate.
This is where the most important processes take place, mostly linked to transformation, to ripening and completion of the product.
Essential passages, where nothing is left to chance, are guided by maximum attention and cured in every detail.

Our experience

The use of advanced machinery and the experience and know-how gained in years of activity go hand in hand.
We use crush-destemmer, temperature-controlled tanks, pneumatic press, filter and blotting unit.
This is how 7 different types of wine are produced, all dry and still wine:
The Aglianico “Granatum”, the Fiano “Leukos”, the Rosé “Paistom”, the Fiano del Cilento “Heraion”, the primitivo “Poseidon”, the Falanghina “Ekkum”, the Aglianico “Nakes”.
This is how we give life to Muscat “Nyx” and to the liqueur from the Aglianico “Gocce di Nakes”.
We use the French oak barrels for the wines Aglianico “Granatum” and “Nakes”.
The Winery “I Vini del Cavaliere” is run by Giovanni Cuomo, who manages the production together with the agronomist Dr Sergio Romano, responsible for the correct ripening of grapes.

I Vini del Cavaliere

Casa Vinicola Cuomo di Giovanni Cuomo

Via Feudo La Pila, 16
84047 Capaccio Paestum (SA)
Phone: +39 0828 725376