About us

The history of the Winery and farm “I Vini del Cavalieri” in Paestum consists of craftsmanship, passion and work.
All of this has strong roots in tradition but looks at the future.
This is how excellent wine is born, this is how we promote our territory. Now, like fifty years ago.
Our way began five decades ago with the work and the diligence of Francesco Cavaliere.
As time goes on, generations have changed. Skills, passions and professionalism were handed down firstly to his son Domenico and then to his nephew Giovanni.
Today the company is managed by the third generation with the same passion for wine and for the territory of Capaccio-Paestum.
The cellar, the tasting room, the outdoor spaces and the shop give us the possibility to organize tasting and events transformed into unique experiences.

Love for our work

If the love for our work has remained almost intact, what has changed is the know-how that we drag in.
We face with enthusiasm new challenges that the market is offering us. We can do this by the combination of our craftsmanship, which has always identified us, and a future-oriented vision, and by the adoption of new techniques and advanced machinery.
The heart of our activity is linked to the plantation of grapevine and to the production of wine. But, we can fully convey only through our offering what this activity represents.

I Vini del Cavaliere

Casa Vinicola Cuomo di Giovanni Cuomo

Via Feudo La Pila, 16
84047 Capaccio Paestum (SA)
Phone: +39 0828 725376